Roxburghshire Lieutenancy Book, 1797-1802

A valuable volume held in the Scottish Borders Archive & Local History Centre (reference R/LR/1/1) records the names, occupations and addresses of men throughout Roxburghshire whose names were put forward to the ballot to serve in the militia during the Napoleonic Wars. These lists of men aged between 18 and 45 are organised by parish, and include lots of details. In some cases infirmities are noted. Other abbreviations include where the man was balloted into another parish’s militia, or where money had been paid for a substitute name to be put forward. The original lists appear to have been drawn up by the parish schoolmasters.

There are three full lists of men put forward to the ballot for Melrose parish. Here are transcripts of them. Where extra notes about infirmity or details of other service are recorded I have noted these, usually in the middle column of each detailed table.

In addition there are two much shorter lists of just those men from Melrose parish whose names were drawn from the hat at random, and had to serve in the militia:

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