Melrose militia list 1797

Here is a list of the local men whose names went into the ballot for the militia in 1797. All should be between ages 18 and 45. The information is transcribed as recorded in the original record.

Nicol Mercer Shoemaker Melrose
George Ronaldson Junior Mason Melrose
George Sword Servant Melrose
Walter Hilson Weaver Melrose
James Pringle Junior Mason Melrose
John Pringle Weaver Melrose
John Halton Taylor Melrose
Robert Henderson Shoemaker Melrose
William Kyle Clock Melrose
Thomas Douglas Servant Melrose
James Miller Labourer Melrose
John Blackie Watchmaker Melrose
Andrew Lumsdean Junr Millwright Newstead
John Mein Labourer Newstead
Robert Pringle Mason Newstead
George Ronaldson Mason Darnwick
Thomas Ballantyne Weaver Darnwick
William Fanett Mason Darnwick
James Vair Weaver Darnwick
Thomas Vair Weaver Darnwick
Alexander Harper Labourer Darnwick
James Mercer Mason – £10 Darnwick
George Usher Farmer Toftfield
Alexander Paterson Weaver Bridgend
John Williamson in Darnwick
Richard Mil Labourer Newtoun
John Lambert Weaver Newtoun
Thomas Mather Wright Newtoun
Thomas Rae Weaver Newtoun
Robert Fairbairn Servant Whitehill
James Lockie Farmer – £10 Old Melrose
William Scott Labourer Darnwick
Alexander Hay Farmer Sunnyside
James Williamson Mason Gattonside
Andrew Cunningham Labourer Gattonside
James Kirkwood Taylor Gattonside
Robert Dalgleish Weaver Gattonside
Robert Crosby Smith – ??? Unfit Gattonside
George Blackie son of ___ Blackie Portioner Langhaugh
William Murray Student Buckham
John Murray Junr son to John Murray farmer ??? [Buckham?]
John Lees Cloathier Buckhamside
William Lees Cloathier Buckhamside
George Robert Cloathier Buckhamside
John Thomson Wright – Subt. Darlingshaugh
John Mercer Cloathier Wildearhaugh
Thomas Mercer Cloathier – Subt. Wildearhaugh
Alexander Chennie Cloathier Darlingshaugh
Robert Walker Junior Cloathier Buckhamside
Robert McLeod Manufacturer Darlingshaugh
John Clark Weaver Darlingshaugh
Alexander Broomfield Junr Farmer – Subt. Bluecairn
Robert Bertram Labourer Sorrowlessfield
Robert Walker Weaver Nether Craigsford
Thomas Hope Servant Over Craigsford
James Scott Servant Blainslie
Thos Laidlaw Labourer Blainslie
James Bold Servant Langhaugh
William Scott in Darlingshaugh
John Amos Darlingshaugh
George Craig Darlingshaugh
Thomas Gray Servant Easterlonglee
James Ormiston Servant Westerlonglee
Robert Wilson Servant Blainslie
_____ Servant to ___ Elliot farmer New Blainslie
John Duncan in Darnwick
John Mein in Darnwick
James Polwart Servant Westerlonglee
George Burnet Junior Mason Newstead
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