Coronation Service in Melrose Abbey, 9th August 1902

I keep an eye on old Melrose postcards on eBay. Even though my main focus in the one-place study is pre-1820 it’s nice to look for interesting pictures of Melrose in the past.

One that I found recently shows part of the service held in the Abbey for the Coronation of King Edward VII. The postcard shows a large group of locals gathered together for the service, including many young ladies in fine dresses, and also local dignitaries.

I’ve been peering at the picture trying to spot any ancestors. My Dodds ancestors lived there then, and one of them at the time – probably Alexander elder brother of my great-grandfather – would have been beadle or church officer, so definitely at any service. My Hall ancestors also lived near Melrose at this time.

A message is written on the front side of the postcard, and the back of the postcard shows who it was to be sent to, as well as carrying the stamp and date of posting.

Click on the images in turn to see larger versions of each one.

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