Masters and apprentices at Melrose, 1743-1804

This is a list of masters and apprentices in Melrose parish between 1743 and 1804. The list is chronological, and each line has name of master, name of apprentice, the address, date of payment of the apprenticeship dues, and the trade involved. This list was derived from the newly digitised apprenticeship records available online at The original records, which cover the UK between 1710 and 1811, are held at The National Archives at Kew in Surrey.

The list may not be complete for Melrose parish, because I had to search separately for references to specific addresses within the parish, like Melrose itself, as well as other settlements like Gattonside, Darnick etc. All of these place names can be spelled in a wide variety of different ways. And then I checked the original document images to check names had been transcribed correctly (often not) and to note any additional details recorded like trade and any relatives. The list includes 402 names of masters and apprentices, many of the masters appearing multiple times. I personally found it interesting to see how the trades changed over time, and how they varied by place. For example the apprentice records reveal that Melrose had a clockmaker in the 1770s.

Master’s Name Apprentice Name Location Payment Date Trade
Will Steell Robert son of James Cairncross Melrose 1743 Jan 19 Baxter
Will Mabon Andrew son of Geo. Battice [or Ballice?] Melrose 1745 Jul 19 Weaver
Thomas Trotter Robt son of Robt Watson Melrose 1750 Jul 19 Barber
Robt Laurie Mina Turner Melrose 1751 Apr 12 Weaver
Geo Watt James son of Michael Boulston Melrose 1751 Nov 2 Smith
Robt Buinrie Jas son of Thos Vair Newstead 1752 Feb 10 Weaver
James Wight William Heart Newstead 1752 Jul 1 Weaver
George Stodart Thomas Harvie Darnick 1752 Dec 16 Weaver
William Hopkirk Andrew Mercer Mellross 1752 Dec 16 Taylor
Andw Pringle William Torson Newstead 1753 Mar 20 Mason
James Wallace Robt Dickson Melrose 1754 Mar 19 Mason
Walter Murray Robt Icket Melrose 1755 Jun 27 Cooper
Jas Vaugh Andr Sheil Melrose 1755 Jul 30 Shoemaker
George Ronaldson Adam Paterson Melrose 1760 Feb 27 Mason
Thomas Broadie Samuell Hay Melrose 1760 Jul 10 Smith
David Mosgrave James Merton Melrose 1761 Jan 9 Shoemaker
Robt Facker Will Cook Melrose 1761 Feb 20 Cooper &c
Andw Martine John Glendening Melrose 1761 Nov 19 Taylor
Alexr Lumsdale Chas Jack Newstead 1761 Dec 22 Wright
David Mossgrave James Houden Melrose 1762 Jan 7 Shoemaker
David Burton Geo Greamsbe Danielton 1762 Feb 22 Weaver
James Pringle James Meabone Newstead 1762 May 19 Mason
Robert Lawrie Thomas Haistlee Danalton 1762 Aug 25 Weaver
Francis Bungie David Owens Eldown 1762 Oct 29 Wright
Robt Bunzie Robt Whruck Newstead 1763 Jun 21 Weaver
Andw Lumsdean John Sibbald Newstead 1763 Jun 28 Wright
Frans Bunyie Robt Thompson Eldown 1763 Dec 6 Wright
James Marr Will Cook Melrose 1764 Feb 2 Wright
Williams Dodds Andw Dodds Danielton 1764 Feb 11 Weaver
David Burton Geo Lang Danieltown 1764 Mar 8 Weaver
Andw Pringle Will Turnbull Newstead 1764 Mar 13 Weaver
Charles Baxter Henry Hope Melrose Bleachfield 1764 Dec 9 Weaver
Andw. Martin Younger Jno Bowarson Melrose 1765 Jan 5 Taylor
Jas Mar Jno Hunter Melrose 1765 May 21 Wright
Robt Bunzies Jas Heiton Newstead 1765 Jun 15 Wright
James Naire Nicol Mercer Melrose 1765 Jul 23 Merchant
Andrew Lumsdean John Halyburton Newstead 1765 Nov 27 Wright
David Mosgrove Ni[c?]ol Mercer Melrose 1765 Dec 1 Shoemaker
Will Scott Robt Goodfellow Danielton 1765 Dec 22 Weaver
Robert Laurie Will Cook Danielton 1765 Dec 28 Weaver
Geo Ronaldson Geo Mercer Melrose 1766 Jan 21 Mason
Walter Ronaldson Jno Smith Darnick 1766 Feb 4 Mason
Walter Ronaldson Jas Ronaldson Darnick 1766 Jun 27 Mason
Jno Trottar Geo Lees Melrose 1766 Aug 19 Baxter &c
Robt Tacket Jno Lutch Melrose 1767 Feb 5 Cooper
Jno Trottar Jno Mercer Melrose 1767 Mar 3 Baxter
Robt Bunzie John Sclater Newstead 1767 May 16 Wright &c
Andw Lumsdean John Mein Newstead 1768 Apr 2 Wright
David Brown Da[vi]d Ainslee Melrose 1769 Feb 27 Writer
Walter Ronaldson Jas Ronaldson Darnick 1769 Apr 12 Mason
Robt Laurie Alexr Cook Danieltown 1770 Jan 31 Weaver
Geo Ronaldson Jas Dauson Melrose 1770 Apr 24 Mason
Jno Trottar Jno Bunzie Melrose 1770 Jun 4 Baxter
Jas Marr Robt Speidon Melrose 1770 Jun 19 Wright
Robt Bunzie Geo Vair Newstead 1770 Jul 2 Wright
Andrew Lumsden Geo Pringle Newstead 1770 Jul 25 Millwright
Francis Bunzie Jas Bell Eildonn 1771 Feb 8 Wright
Jno Mercer Wm Craig Melrose 1771 Apr 16 Writer
Wm Scott Thos Heig Danieltown 1771 May 27 Weaver
And Lamsden Wm Hoy Newstead 1771 Jun 11 Wright
Robt Taket Wm Robison Melrose 1772 Feb 26 Cooper and Wheelwright
Tho Dick Wm Douglass Blainsely 1772 Jun 10 Taylor
Jno Trotter Geo Harvie Melrose 1772 Jul 22 Baxtor
Wm Gibson Wm Runchman Melrose 1772 Aug 25 Baker
Rob Grierson Rob Boston Darnick 1773 Dec 28 Weaver
Wm Mabon Geo Betie Newstead 1773 Dec 28 Weaver
And Pringle Jno Ainslie Newstead 1774 Apr 28 Mason
Robt Bungar Alexr Scott Newstead 1775 Mar 23 Wright
Jno Wright Jas Scott Melrose 1775 May 31 Shoemaker
Jno Waugh Geo Wight Blainslie 1775 Jul 5 Wright
Adam Boyd Jno Darling Melrose 1776 Mar 26 Clockmaker
David Brown Jas Inglis Melrose 1776 Mar 26 Writer
Alex Skirving Rob Grahamslie Melrose 1776 Jun 11 Sadlor
Jno Mercer Alex Fraser Melrose 1776 Jun 25 Writer
Rob Bunzie Rob Hart Newstead 1778 Apr 14 Weaver
David Brown Wm Laidlaw Melrose 1778 Jun 23 Writer
Wm Mabon Jno Mein Newstead 1778 Dec 8 Weaver
Jno Smith Alex Smith Darnick 1778 Dec 22 Mason
Thos Scott George Graham Danielton 1779 Jan 26 Weaver
Thomas Boston Jno Marr Gattonside 1779 Jun 1 Sclater
Adam Boyd Geo Cook Melrose 1779 Jun 1 Clockmaker
Rob Myles James Matthison Gattonside 1779 Jun 4 Weaver
Thos Turnbull Andrew Rodger Gattonside 1779 Jun 4 Weaver
Alex Skirven Alex Skirven Melrose 1779 Jun 8 Sadler
Walter Scott James Scott Melrose 1779 Nov 16 Weaver
Jno Waugh Jas Sterling Blainslie 1780 May 29 Wright
Rob Kirkwood Walter Scott Blainslie 1780 May 29 Taylor
John Grant Andrew Usher Eildon 1780 Sep 5 Shoemaker
Jno Mabon James Young Newstead 1781 Mar 25 Weaver
Jno Cuthbertson Andrew Brown Melrose 1781 Apr 9 Taylor
Jno Grant Andrew Lindsay Eildon 1781 Jun 12 Shoemaker
Rob Paterson Andrew Taket Melrose 1781 Jun 12 Weaver
Robert Greirson Robert Heiton Darnick 1781 Nov 27 Weaver
Geo Pringle Hugh Colvill Newstead 1782 Jan 4 Milnwright
Alex Cook Nicol Fairbairn Melrose 1782 Feb 5 Weaver
David Thomson Rob Penman Melrose 1782 Feb 5 Weaver
Andrew Pringle Robert Robison Newstead 1782 Apr 3 Mason
Wm Stevenson Thos Usher Newstead 1782 Jun 24 Weaver
Wm Mabon Alex Matthison Newstead 1782 Jun 25 Weaver
Jno Wright Wm Mercer Melrose 1783 Mar 25 Shoemaker
Andrew Lumsden Wm Turnbull Newstead 1783 May 2 Millwright
Robert Kirkwood Robert Knox Blanslee 1783 Jun 3 Taylor
Robert Kirkwood Thos Turnbull Blanslee 1783 Jun 3 Taylor
Jno Mosgrave Jno Mason Melrose 1783 Jun 17 Shoemaker
Andrew Shillinglaw James Kirkwood Blanslie 1783 Aug 2 Taylor
John Mercer Wm Beattie Melrose 1784 Jan 27 Writer
Walter Scott Wm Collier Melrose 1784 Feb 10 Weaver
John Mosgrave Wm Murray Melrose 1784 Jun 15 Shoe Maker
Jno Smith James Young Darnick 1784 Nov 30 Mason
Alexr Skirving Thos Hislop Melrose 1784 Nov 30 Sadler
Jno Cuthberson Jno Glen Melrose 1784 Dec 14 Taylor
David Brown Jos Gillon Melrose 1784 Dec 22 Writer
Wm Mabon Andw Lumsden Newstead 1785 May 3 Weaver
Wm Mabon Jas Clark Newstead 1785 May 3 Weaver
Jas Scott Jas Jamieson Dancelton 1786 May 2 Weaver
Alexr Sanderson Robt Pherson Melrose 1786 Dec 27 Dyer
Jas Sanderson Robt Bunyie Melrose 1786 Dec 27 Dyer
John Smith Wm Hart Darnick 1787 Mar 13 Mason
Walter Scott Wm Cessford Danielton 1787 Apr 17 Weaver
Jno Mercer Jno Knox Melrose 1787 Jul 17 Writer
Jas Hobkirk Nicol Mercer Melrose 1788 Feb 26 Shoemaker
Alexr Bell Robt Burnet Melrose 1788 Mar 20 Stocking-maker
John Smith Andrew Bunyie Darnick 1788 Jul 25 Mason
Thos Williamson Wm Crighton Newstead 1788 Jul 25 Carpenter &c
Jas Sandersen Jno Cuthel Melrose 1788 Nov 19 Dyer
Thos Williamson John Kerr Newstead 1789 Apr 7 Wright
John Smith Walter Greive Darnick 1789 Jul 21 Mason
John Smith John Ballintine Darnick 1789 Dec 30 Mason
David Brown Wm Scott Melrose 1790 Feb 16 Writer
John Smith Jas Brown Darnick 1790 Mar 23 Mason
Alexr Hobkirk Jas Allan Melrose 1790 Apr 10 Taylor
John Mercer Wm Stenhouse Melrose 1790 Apr 10 Writer
John Smith John Weir Darnick 1791 Jul 5 Mason
Wm Bunyie John Cochrane Newstead 1791 Jul 26 Weaver
Robt Hart Alexr Cochran Newstead 1792 Jul 3 Weaver
Wm Bunyie Robt Bunyie Newstead 1792 Jul 3 Weaver
Thos Williamson Jno Stenhouse Newstead 1792 Jun 12 Wright
Andw Drummond Thos Ballantyne Darnick 1793 Feb 26 Weaver
Jno Smith Wm Spiers Darnick 1793 Mar 20 Mason
Robt Barton Jno Duncan Darnick 1793 May 14 Weaver
Jno Smith Robt Hieslop Darnick 1793 Jul 2 Mason
Thos Williamson Thos Madder Newstead 1793 Jul 9 Joiner &c
Thos Dickson Robt Collier Darnick 1793 Jul 12 Weaver
Wm Malson Jno Dickson Newstead 1793 Aug 20 Weaver
Alexr Hopkirk Thos Amor Melrose 1793 Aug 27 Taylor
Jno Smith Jno Tait Darnick 1793 Oct 8 Mason
Jno Mercer Walter Tait Melrose 1793 Oct 8 Writer
Thos Williamson Jno Scott Newstead 1794 Jan 21 Wright
John Smith Wm Forrest Darnick 1794 Jun 24 Mason
John Smith Robt Steel Darnick 1794 Jul 19 Mason
Wm Scott Wm Wilson Blainslie 1794 Nov 10 Wright
David Brown Alexr Wormall Melrose 1795 Apr 30 Writer
David Sinclair Wm Mack Melrose 1795 Jun 16 Shoemaker
Robt Penman Jas Noteman Melrose 1795 Dec 15 Weaver
Robt Penman Wm Noble Melrose 1795 Dec 15 Weaver
John Turnbull Geo Laing Newstead 1795 Dec 15 Weaver
Jno Mathison Jno Cook Galtonside 1796 Apr 23 Weaver
Jno Smith Wm Buckham Darnick 1796 Mar 22 Mason
Wm Reid Jas Elliot Newstead 1796 May 31 Weaver
Wm Reid Jas Elliott Newstead 1796 May 31 Weaver
Jno Smith Nicol Bower Darnick 1796 Jul 4 Mason
Andw Bunyie Jas Pringle Newstead 1796 Dec 13 Weaver
John Turnbull John Henderson Newstead 1797 Jun 6 Weaver
John Smith Andrew Stoddard Darnick 1797 Jun 14 Mason
Andw Lumsdon Wm Paterson Newstead 1797 Jun 27 Millwright
Geo Brodie Wm Tucket Melrose 1797 Sep 5 Smith
Wm Elgar Jas Waugh Melrose 1797 Oct 28 Taylor
Robt Scott John Dickieson Danieltown 1798 Aug 28 Weaver
Thos Vair John Moffat Newstead 1798 Nov 13 Weaver
David Sinclair Geo Rea Melrose 1798 Nov 27 Shoemaker
John Turnbull Wm Russell Newstead 1799 Jan 22 Weaver
Robt Vair Jas Heatlie Darneck 1799 Feb 19 Weaver
Wm Mercer John Anderson Melrose 1799 May 21 Shoemaker
Robt Scott David Elder Dingleton 1799 Jun 27 Weaver
Robt Scott David Elder Dingleton 1799 Jun 27 Weaver
John Turnbull Thos Laurie Newstead 1799 Jul 23 Weaver
John Turnbull Wm Elliott Newstead 1799 Jul 23 Weaver
Geo Noble Thos Holkirk Melrose 1799 Aug 20 Weaver
John Gill Jas Gill Melrose 1799 Aug 20 Wright &c
Robt Scott Alexr Johnstone Danieltown 1799 Aug 24 Weaver
John Musgrove John Jamieson Melrose 1799 Aug 24 Shoemaker
John Cochrane Jas Cochrane Newstead 1799 Aug 24 Weaver
Thos Vair John Thomson Darnick 1800 May 6 Weaver
John Smith Robt Turnbull Darnick 1800 Jul 29 Mason
Wm Scott Wm Munrow Blanslie 1801 Feb 9 Joiner
Alexr Cook Robt Pateson Melrose 1801 Feb 17 Weaver
John Smith Geo Sterling Darneck 1801 Jun 9 Mason
Jas Lumsdane Jas Forsythe Newstead 1801 Aug 25 Millwright
John Smith Ebenezer Tait Darnick 1802 Jun 15 Mason
Andw Bunyie Robt Learmouth Newstead 1803 Jun 14 Weaver
Chas Erskine David Spence Melrose 1803 Jul 5 Writer
Robt Scott John Johnston Dingleton 1803 Nov 15 Weaver
Robt Scott John Johnston Dingleton 1803 Nov 15 Weaver
David Sinclair Jno Martine Melrose 1804 Jan 25 Shoemaker
Alexr Bell Jno Cleghorn Melrose 1804 Feb 14 Stockg mr
Andw Bunyie Andw Miller Newstead 1804 May 29 Weaver
Jno Smith Jas Paterson Darnick 1804 Jun 19 Mason
Jno Smith Andw Rodger Darnick 1804 Jul 3 Mason
Thos Usher Geo Pringle Newstead 1804 Jul 31 Weaver
Rt Scott Jno Nicol Danieltoun 1804 Oct 29 Weaver
Wm Chisholm Jr Alexr Cochran Melrose 1804 Oct 29 Shoemaker
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